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Our Process

Our process is just as unique as the books that we create. Take a look at the steps that we follow to make our one of a kind books

1. The Interview

As our clients cook their family meal, we have a conversation about the food, the history, the stories and anything else that may come up in conversation. We document this process through video and photos. The video is used as an audio and visual aid as to not delay the process of writing notes. Once the cooking is done, it is important for us to sit down and eat the food together. We believe it is important for us to share the experience of cooking and eating to fully experience the meal. 

1 - interview

2. Design

After the interview, we dissect the video and organize the content. With the information, we create a rough layout of the book and start to plan out the variety of photo shoots that need to be complete. In a typical book, we usually have 10 to 15 different photo shoots to complete. 

2 - design

3. Product Shots

The photographs we create for the book range from product shots (the glamorous photos of food) to secondary shots (photos of ingredients, kitchen equipment, in progress cooking photos, etc.). We remake the meal in our kitchen in order to ensure the recipe is correct. We stylize the food and take our photographs. 

3 - product shots

4. Production

The final step is to publish the book. We finalize the design with the edited photographs. There are  multiple rounds of editing that we do with each of our clients prior to publishing.  

4 - production
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