Full Culinary Experience


We photograph and interview you as you cook your recipes in your kitchen. These meals are not your run of the mill, weeknight dinners. They are typically recipes that are passed along through generations and have importance to the family. While you cook, we have a conversation about the meal. We take information from this process and turn it into a cookbook that includes photographs taken that day and product shots of the food. Read more about the process here.

Pricing Structure:


Recipe Fee -

We charge a $399 design fee for the first recipe that we film, cook, photograph, and create a book around. If you elect to have more recipes filmed during the same day of cooking, we do a discounted rate of $75 per recipe.

In addition to documenting the recipes on the day of cooking, you can add up to 25 additional recipes to your custom book (no food photos, just the recipe). We will type up the recipes and format them all in the same design. We will also scan and restore photographs up to 50 photographs that you provide.


Book Fee - Production of your physical book will vary dramatically depending on size, binding, type of paper, total number of pages, and number of copies ordered. We can offer you an estimate based on comparing prior customers books with current production costs from our printer. Later in the production process, we will send you a more definite pricing spectrum based on your book. 

Travel Fee - We travel up to 30 miles away from Ellicott City, Maryland. Anything further will incur a travel fee based on distance and tolls. 

Price Reduction Option

To help keep costs lower, many of our clients have given us the rights to reproduce these recipes for the cookbooks that we sell. In these instances, we make two unique books. One book is a custom book for the family, the other book is more generalized version that we sell to the general public. Clients that elect to do this receive a 40% discount on the design fee. 


In addition the a reduced design fee, clients who elect to allow us to sell their content receive 20% off products at our store for 6 months upon completing their custom book (not eligible for your custom book order). 


I meet Matt through his lovely wife, a coworker of mine, she told me about Culinary Perspectives. Right away I thought that might be an awesome gift for my extended family in Germany. The idea I had in mind was to make a book about my late grandmother, a wonderful cook and baker. Right away Matt asked the right questions about my vision, listened attentively and made great suggestions. Matt also baked and cooked all the recipes and took amazing pictures of it! It was a great feeling when I held the first draft of the cookbook in my hands and even more rewarding when it was all finished and I received emails, letters, and happy phone calls from members of my family!! They were all amazed how professional the book was made. Now the recipes of my grandma will not be forgotten. The whole experience from the first meeting with Matt to the finished product was wonderful! The idea for the next book is already on our minds. - Kathrin H. (German Cookbook)

Our book, which focused on my grandmother's antipasto recipe, came out beautifully. But the finished product was only part of the gift. In the process, my dad let slip some details about my grandparents and growing up in Queens that I'd never heard before - and that's the kind of thing you really can't put a price on. Making this cookbook was a wonderful experience, and I'd highly recommend working with Matt to document your family's treasured recipes (and stories), too. - Kristin S. (Antipasto)