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Do you have a family recipe, or a unique recipe, that you want to preserve? Be a part of our ongoing project of making unique cookbooks that focus on a single recipe. Each book is about 20-24 pages long. It includes the recipe, ingredients, photographs and any other information that might come from our conversations. 


1. We cook a meal together. While cooking, I will document the process through video and photographs. We'll have a conversation about the meal, family background, why its important to you etc.

2. We dissect the video, make a page layout of your book. 

3. We remake the recipe and take formal product shots. 

4. Edit the book and send it to the publisher. 

What you get:

- 2 copies of your recipe book

- 20% code to use at our store for 1 year

If this is something you are interested in doing, please email culinaryperspectives@gmail.com

If you want to make your unique book just for you, click here to see if this will suit you better. Option 1: Custom Cookbook

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