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In an effort to find recipes for specific books we are creating, we are offering a larger discount for making custom book with us. Our normal discount is 30% off. We are offering 50% off the following categories:

Maryland Recipes (we are looking for anything uniquely Maryland, Smith Island Cake, crab recipes, southern Maryland recipes, etc)

Traditional Desserts

Drinks / Cocktails

Pricing Structure: 


We photograph and interview you as you cook your recipes in your kitchen. These meals are not your run of the mill, weeknight dinners. They are typically recipes that are passed along through generations and have importance to the family. While you cook, we have a conversation about the meal. We take information from this process and turn it into a cookbook that includes photographs taken that day and product shots of the food. Read more about the process here.

Pricing Structure:


Recipe Fee - The discount would apply 50% off this fee (see fine print below)

We charge a $449 design fee for the first recipe that we film, cook, photograph, and create a book around. If you elect to have more recipes filmed during the same day of cooking, it will be done at a discounted rate of $99 per recipe.  

This price includes the food costs associated to remake the recipe up to $50 / recipe. Additional costs will be billed to the client. 

In addition to documenting the recipes on the day of cooking, you can add up to 50 additional recipes to your custom book (no food photos, just the recipe). We will type up the recipes and format them all in the same design. We will also scan and restore photographs up to 50 photographs that you provide. Additional recipes and photos can be added for an additional fee.


Book Fee - Production of your physical book will vary dramatically depending on size, binding, type of paper, total number of pages, and number of copies ordered. We can offer you an estimate based on comparing prior customers books with current production costs from our printer. Later in the production process, we will send you a more definite pricing spectrum based on your book. 

Travel Fee - We travel up to 25 miles away from Ellicott City, Maryland. Anything further will incur a travel fee based on lodging, gas, and tolls.

The Fine Print (Simplified)

You can qualify for the discount if the following are met:

1. Your recipe meets one of the categories listed above

2. The recipe has been passed down through your family for multiple generation or has a history to it. 

3. Is not a recipe that was originally from a cookbook. 

4. You allow Culinary Perspectives to use the recipe within our cookbooks. 

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out at


What if I don't want to do a custom book, but just want to help with the project?

I will gladly work with you to document your recipe! In return for allowing us to use the recipe, I will give you a $40 gift card to use within our store (or $30 toward food through our catering). 

What's the turn around time on books?

About 4 months. I understand that this is a long time. Being a high school teacher, and father to 2 little kids, I don't have the freedom to work on Culinary Perspective's full time. 

Do you need to be present in my kitchen while I cook?

Yes! Part of what makes my books special is being able to make a connection between the readers of my books and the chefs in their kitchen. 

I want to give the process of making a book as a gift to someone. Is this possible?

Yes! I have a lot of clients who purchase this for parents or grandparents. In that instance, I make a custom video card that the recipient can "open." The video explains the process with lots of visuals to see. You can see an example here: Link - In the instance that we do not make the book because the the recipient refuses, I will refund your deposit. 

How many recipes do you do each year?

I limit myself to 7 recipes each year. If I do more, I cannot put the same effort into the books. Once I reach my quota, I can still do the "day of cooking," but cannot promise the book to be done on a specific timeline. 

How does the discount work?

If you allow me to use the recipe and content (interview and photos taken from the day of cooking / product shots), you will receive a 30% or 50% discount on your custom book. Culinary Perspectives has the rights to reproduce that content in our cookbooks in perpetuity. 

What if I film 2 recipes, 1 is in your category discount, the other isn't?

You will receive the largest discount possible on your book.

Do you offer anything for referring clients?

I give out a $25 gift card for anyone who refers a new client to me. I understand my business is mostly word of mouth and would appreciate any support. 

I'm ready to get started, what do I do?

Send me an email at to get the process started.


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